2020/2021 Registration Opening Soon!

Registration will be opening soon for the upcoming 2020/2021 Season.

We have had to make a few changes to the upcoming season due to COVID-19. The main changes are:

Buddy Werner:

  1. The program is moving to Sunday; This is a lot less busy at Powderhorn and will be safer for our coaches and athletes.
  2. There will be a limit on our overall registration numbers to ensure smaller group sizes. We are limiting registration to 80 athletes, which should make our groups around 8 athletes per coach, and no more than 10 athletes per coach.
  3. The start times in the morning will be staggered. The coaches will also be more spread out so we can keep our meeting groups small and socially distanced. 
  4. There will not be a U6 age category this year (So, no 5 year olds). Since athletes at this age usually need help getting on the chairlift. 
  5. Your athlete has to be able to load the chairlift on their own. We know this is difficult for some of the younger/smaller athletes, however we cannot have the coaches helping them load the lift.
  6. You will need to sign-in your athlete before you arrive. We will have a weblink available for you to fill out before you leave your house. 


  1. These programs are likely to start and end early with a small lunch break/snack. Possibly 8:30-1:30 TBD
  2. USSA Races are going to be mid-week, unfortunately the schedule isn’t set yet.
  3. YSL Races will continue to be on Sundays, however they are limited to 100 so be sure to sign up early and there will be no Championship this year.
  4. No early season in Aspen. With improved snowmaking and an opening of Nov. 27th we’ll stay at Powderhorn this year to stay safe and save money.

Other things to note:
Please see our COVID-19 Plan for the season and if you have not seen the COVID plan that Powderhorn has issued, we highly recommend watching this video https://www.powderhorn.com/covid-19.html

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