2024-01-19 Grand Valley Race League Race #1

Hi Team,

Eric here,

I was not happy with the final scoring from the last GVRL race. I got a legitimate comment from a racer that he did not beat another even though they had almost identical times but they were 12 years older.  With the old NASTAR points system it uses these large chunks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum that does not differentiate between the racers very much. Racers could be as much as 15 years apart and still get the same result. If there was a close time the raw speed is the tiebreaker so the younger, slightly faster racer wins. I believe in this scenario the older person should win. 

I came up with a numeric point system that is very similar to the original. Using points of 0-30 for Bronze, 30-50 for Silver, 50-70 for Gold & 70+ is Platinum. It is basically identical but will reward single-digit age changes instead of clumping everyone together.

Additionally, I would like to raise the handicap for snowboards and telemark skiers. The old numbers were 13% for Telemark & 20% for Snowboards. They were scoring very low in each race. I upped them to 20% for telemark & 30% for snowboard to get them more competitive.

I went through and re-sorted the results from last week’s race using this system. The team results would not change and all teams still finished in their appropriate spot. The difference is personally the people will feel more rewarded for their individual age & discipline effort so the Handicapped results did change slightly.

Grand Valley Race League Team Results #1


ERIC’S Handicap Results


Raw Speed Results