All Powderhorn Racing Club (PRC) parents and racers are responsible for understanding the following:

Program Fees

Prompt payment of all PRC fees is expected by the deadlines posted.


Please outfit racers with appropriate clothes and equipment


Please see that your racer is on time (or early) at the agreed upon meeting locations for all races and training sessions.


In order to perform at his/her potential and ski without injury, each racer should follow a regular program of exercise.


Each racer is expected to know what the race and training schedules are and to remain in contact with his or her coach.

Expected Conduct

Each racer is expected to be a “Junior Ambassador” for PRC and Powderhorn resort and behave in a manner that will bring credit to parents, the coaching staff, the Powderhorn Ski Area and him/herself while training and racing. Racers should be considerate of the efforts put into providing race/training facilities and races by the ski areas and volunteer workers who conduct races. PRC racers are expected to represent the club and our community in a responsible and positive manner.


Racers must obey all rules regarding skier safety and courtesy while at Powderhorn and while attending races at other areas. Courteous, responsible behavior is also required while traveling to competitions, eating in mountain restaurants, and whenever racers are representing PRC in any way. Each program coach may specify additional behavioral requirements such as curfews, which racers will be expected to follow.

Unacceptable conduct

Any malicious behavior will be dealt with swiftly. Athletes are expected to treat their teammates, PRC property, and personal property belonging to others, with respect.

PRC racers over the years have generally been good ambassadors. There are certain types of conduct, however, that reflect poorly the club and are not acceptable, including drinking, drugs, smoking, fighting, foul language, vandalism, theft of any kind, and/or discourteous behaviors.

Disciplinary Actions

Any significant breach by a racer in the above areas of conduct may result in the racer’s lift ticket being pulled, expulsion from the training and/or race, and/or, if practical, being sent home. Coaches will promptly report problems to the President of the appropriate Buddy Werner or USSA Division of PRC who will then convene a meeting of a quorum of Board of Directors members, or convene a hearing with the offending racer and his parents or guardians and at least two other Board Members. The purpose of the meeting will be to allow the racer an opportunity to fully present his statement of the problem. The hearing committee will then meet, in closed session, to arrive at a decision as to what additional discipline will be enforced. This further action may take the form of holding the racer out of training and/or competition for a period of time, restitution of any damages, suspension from the program, or any combination of the above. During the period of time that the hearing committee is reviewing the disciplinary problem, the racer will not be permitted to participate in any PRC activities. Under no circumstances will the racer be entitled to receive any refund of program participation fees in the event of suspension from the program.

Additional expectations of Buddy Werner parents

PRC is a nonprofit organization that is dependent on the help and support of our volunteers. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!– This program cannot run without the participation of ALL parents. One parent from each family is required to help on the hill while your child/ren are racing. At the beginning of the season you will be asked to sign up for a job position* for each week of Buddy Werner (6 days in all).

Additional expectations of USSA/Developmental Program parents

Although the DEVO and USSA program fees cover the cost of coaching, parents are responsible for the fees involved with travel, lodging, lift tickets, equipment, USSA or RMD memberships and race entry fees.

To address these variables, PRC has assigned one of our board members to assist with travel and registration logistics. However, please note that parents are ultimately responsible for registering for races, making their own lodging accommodations and transportation to and from races. We do encourage families to work as a team to help hold these costs down.


If a racer is unsure of schedules, etc., he/she should contact the Head Coach or USSA secretary promptly and resolve the uncertainty. Each racer is expected to cooperate in providing the USSA Race secretary with completed Powderhorn Racing Club Registration forms, Medical Release forms, one copy of their USSA card and RMD entry card.


Parents will be asked to volunteer at the Saturday races and/or fundraising events.

DEVO parents must also fulfill the volunteer requirements of the Buddy Werner Program.

A planning meeting will be held each fall to disseminate information and pool resources to improve efficiency and value.