Lodge Parent

This role has been created to increase safety. A complete description will be forthcoming. Basically, this person would be available to the coaches if a racer has a problem on the hill and needs to be in the lodge, get to ski patrol, find their parents, etc. It is to help facilitate safety for our racers.


Startersreport to the starting gate prior to their team’s race. One starter uses a headset to communicate with the timing shack and start the racers. Three starters assist the racers in lining up at the appropriate starting gate with racers from each competing team alternating in line, making sure each racer is ready, and helping the Lead Starter assure the course is clear before the start of each race. The Lead Starter must communicate the name and bib number of each racer to the timing shack prior to starting the race with a “Racer Ready, 3, 2, 1, GO!”

Finish area set-up

Meet at the finish area at 9 a.m. to help set-up the Finish. Someone else will be there to give specific instructions and to help.


The job of timing the races will require training and will be more specialized this year. This job will be held by the same four people for the three races we have during the season. Timers report to the timing shack at the finish line prior to their team’s race. The Race Administrator will direct Timers. Duties may include the following: operating the timing equipment in communications with the starter at the top of the course; announcing race results over the public address system; sorting and calculating result cards to determine winning teams; assisting with watching the course and finish area; and/or communicating with scorers.


Scorers report to the scoreboards next to the timing shack at the finish line prior to their team’s race. Scorers will listen for the race results of their team and post them on the score sheets on the score board. They will communicate with the timing shack, help keep the finish area clear and help the racers find their results.


One or two gatekeepers from each team will report to the slopes where the cat track from Lift No. 1 midstation joins Wonderbump Trail. Gatekeepers should distribute themselves evenly on both sides of the course with a good view of the gates. Their primary responsibilities include the following: to make sure each racer goes through the gates and doesn’t miss one (a disqualification, or DQ); to help racers who have fallen and lost a ski (also a DQ, except in the last gate); and encourage racers who have fallen and not lost a ski to go back up and make the gate and continue. (CAUTION: Only give verbal assistance and encouragement, or the racer will be disqualified.) Signal any DQ by raising crossed poles on the course where the DQ occurred, so the starter or timing shack can see. If another gatekeeper is signaling a DQ, you should relay the message up or down the course by also signaling. All parents are welcome to be gatekeepers during the race because these positions provide the best view of the hill, but must remain there throughout the whole race.

Course Maintenance

Four maintenance workers are needed for each race and should report to Wonderbump Trail where it is joined by the access trail from Lift No. 1 midstation. They should talk to the course workers from the previous race and discover any potential problem areas. Tools – shovels and rakes – are provided. Use them to help cover rocks and repair holes on the course. Sideslipping the course to knock down built up ridges on the turns is important, too. Keep an eye on the gates to make sure they are upright and secure. Decide among yourselves who will perform what chores. It is critical that all maintenance workers keep an eye uphill for racers on the course, so you stay clear when they ski through.

Tear Down

Everyone should help with tear down. Report to the finish area and help take down fencing, signs and other equipment and store it. Get complete instructions from the folks in the timing shack.